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Xumaru Wood Art, Home Décor Store Offers Remarkable Artworks

Xumaru sells handmade and unique products. All of them are made by real artists.

As a Home Décor Store, Xumaru Wood Art is a meeting place of wood & artisan.

Our artists craft original artworks made of wood. They are natural as nature.

We, as Xumaru, wish to deliver you unique pieces of wood art made by real artists.

In this way, we manage to support traditional handicrafts and as well as taking on a mission in the name of bringing the legacy of the past to the future.



Kilim Collection

Traditional Turkish Handicrafts have created a rich mosaic by combining their own exclusive values with the cultural heritage of various civilizations from the thousands of years of Anatolian History.

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Wood Burning Art

Pyrography is an art; painting or ornamenting wood or some other materials by making burn marks with the help of a heated metal pen. It is also known as pokerwork or wood burning.

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Naht Art

Art of Naht is to apply calligraphic scripts and decorative patterns on wood by means of carving, inlaying, and illumination techniques. It transforms scripts and patterns into 3d structures using a wood or textile backdrop.

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