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Hands on Hips

Wood Wall Art Panel from Kilim Collection with Hands on Hips motif
Manufacturer: Anatolian Wood Art
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Wood Wall Art Panel from Kilim Collection with Hands on Hips motif

The basic design is a stylized female. It is the symbol of motherhood and fertility. It represents the woman's femininity. It also symbolizes productivity, abundance, luck, kismet, happiness, and joy. It is also said that the Mother goddess figurine, which dates back to the past, was symbolized with this motif in Anatolia.

Scientific determinations show that worshipping the powerful woman who gave birth has begun in Mesopotamia during 7000-8000 BC. years. Excavations in Anatolia revealed that Anatolian history was contemporary with Mesopotamia. During that period people worshiped the Mother goddess. As they had not figured out the role of males in reproduction, they saw it as an ability of women. The Mother goddess, seen as a symbol of fertility and reproduction, was named by various names such as Cybele, Hera, Atena, Leto, Ishtar, Artemis, Hepa, Isis in other cultures as well.

It is an important argument that Hand on Hips motifs used in today's weavings are influenced and shaped by the Anatolian cult of the Mother goddess and the human motifs brought by the Turks from Central Asia.


Hands on Hips motif is made up of 110 separate pieces of wood. There are seven different types of wood: Poplar, Spalted Linden, Spruce, Beech, Walnut, Walnut Rootball, Olive. They are glued together on an MDF panel. The frame is made of Iroko.

There is no dye and stain involved. You see the natural colors of different types of wood. Wood has been finished with natural wax.

Due to the handcrafted nature of this item, materials,  dimensions, and color may vary slightly.

Product Type Wood Wall Art
Primary Art Material Wood
Frame Type Framed
Dimensions 20.5" L x 1.2" W x 20.5" H
Country of Manufacture Turkey
Wall Mounting Hardware Comes Ready
Installation Required No
Care Dust with a soft, dry cloth