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About us

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Xumaru emerges from Anatolia in Turkey. The landmass making up the great portion of Turkey is called Anatolia, and it means the "land where the sun rises".

Xumaru intends to produce artistic products that take inspiration from Heritage of Anatolia which is 10 thousand years old.

XUMARU is an ancient Turkish word which means heritage or legacy. It is no longer used in modern Turkish. However, it is inherited from our ancestors and we are proud of using it as a symbol of our vision.

We believe that nature is a legacy which belongs to our children. We are only the guardians, obligated to deliver this XUMARU to its real owners. We intend to achieve this goal by reflecting nature into wall arts and making them a constant part of our lives.

Although many might suggest the contrary, we like to mix business and pleasure

Our business is to provide the best products and services for our customers to make sure that they are satisfied with their shopping experience. In addition to their joy and satisfaction with shopping, we would also like to make wall arts an essential and beautiful part of their homes.

Our pleasure is to create artistic products, emerging from nature. Wood is one of the excellent materials since it is as natural as nature. It is a product of a living, a symbol of life and endurance. Thus, even after it is uprooted, it is still alive as a way of art and the artist’s thoughts and passion.

As mentioned above wall art is our way of reflection and communication. We are faithful that wall arts are a perfect way for us and artists all over the world to communicate. Wall arts reflect ones’ thoughts and understanding of nature but because there is no perfect- standard they can also be interpreted which would allow everyone to find something for themselves in it. That is why we believe wood equals nature which gives us life, happiness, and a purpose.

We work alongside with gifted artists and craftsman who share the same values with us. Who values, respects and understand nature and creates works of art through it.

In the modern, globalized world we tend to seek for nature as it is not as available as it used to be. We seek for parts of nature so that we do not lose complete contact with our past and our ancestors; and so that we could pass on our XUMARU. We are hopeful that wall arts are a way to do this. We acknowledge that we cannot change the world nor save it with wall arts but we wish to reach as many people as possible and spread different ideas through arts to help create a better environment.

As previously mentioned above our mission is to bring people together, to create an environment where they are happier and to reach people all over the world with the help of wall arts. We guarantee that we constantly work hard and improve our services and products in order to be better. We hope that in this journey, we can reach many people and make their lives, even a little bit better.

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