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Wood, Natural as Nature-2


Wood is an incredible, renewable resource for humankind. As it grows on trees, nature is the main manufacturer of all kinds of wood. Every tree is a small factory of wood without any waste which produces its own energy.

That is why wood is relatively cheap and eco-friendly material. It is an aesthetic material as well as strong and long-lasting. Wood is used to construct buildings, making paper, cooking meat and there may be other thousands of usages. Wood is one of the most useful and handy material in the world.

As we mentioned before, wood is divided into two main branches as hardwood and softwood. Although people might be confused because of the names, they may not always refer to its actual hardness or softness.

Hardwoods are usually used for wood art and making fine furniture depending on their beautiful grains. Softwoods, on the other hand, are more suitable for construction projects as they come from tall and straight trees.

Although we divide wood two main branches, there are hundreds of different kind of trees and therefore woods. Their chemical and cellular type may be similar but their structure is different. In the end, there are many alternatives of wood for every purpose with different structure, appearance, durability and care needs.

Physically, sometimes wood can be strong as steel and sometimes light and elastic as plastic. This is the reason for wood’s anisotropic structure.

Durability is another important factor for using wood. There are some wooden objects from ancient civilizations dated thousands of years ago, which suggest that if you preserve a wooden object properly, it may last longer than human life

Another important characteristic of wood is being a hygroscopic material. It absorbs water in wet and humid conditions, when it dries it gives out the water again. As the tree’s trunks are specified to carry water from the roots to the leaves, wood has this feature.

Wood is a relatively good heat insulator and it can absorb sound very effectively. What is interesting is that, wood is a good fuel for burning and also high-quality material for making musical instruments.

Wood is one of the ancient material that human beings used in history. Nowadays modern society discovered wood again for being a natural and ecological product. If we practice the right way, forestry is a good example of how people can live in perfect harmony with the planet.

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