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Wall Art - Kilim Collection

Traditional Turkish Handicrafts have created a rich mosaic by combining their own exclusive values with the cultural heritage of various civilizations from the thousands of years of Anatolian History. One of the most significant art branches that introduce the Turks to the world is weaving. Hand-woven carpets in traditional handicrafts have the ability to express Anatolian lifestyle from past to present with rich eloquence in visual expression.

Patterns and motifs used in traditional weaving are permanent, enduring and very rarely changing symbols and codes with their characteristics resisting centuries and geographies. Symbols are like DNA of a cultural structure. Other than being a robust part of Turkish culture, another aspect of these symbols is that they were brought to America by the migration from the Bering Strait which explains the resemblance with some symbols of Native Americans.

The basic elements that provide non-verbal communication in traditional weaving are motifs. The motifs embellishing the surfaces of carpets and rugs are not only simple shapes but are symbols of meaning loaded from the earliest ages of Turkish culture to the present day. The Anatolian woman has expressed herself, her social environment, her joy and pain in her motifs by giving them symbolic values. This is the fundamental authenticity that shapes the soul of Turkish carpets. Carpets are crafts that merge aesthetic with functionality. They are not only objects adorned with motifs but also products that reflect a worldview, a metaphysical understanding, a memory of a period with their mystical, philosophical and artistic dimensions. The motifs, figures, symbols, and shapes in carpets and rugs are the products of mentality and attitudes at a certain point in history.

Based on the notion that these motifs are not exclusively for carpets and rugs, Xumaru has achieved a first by applying traditional motifs to wood wall art products. Xumaru aspires to form a new type of wood wall art using the traditional motifs which accumulated thousands of years of culture accompanied by the natural beauty of wood.

In this collection, we selected the most exquisite and common motifs used in traditional carpets and rugs. These unique pieces which will bring your home visual beauty with their meaningful motifs are all crafted by master artists.

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