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How do you make a Bandsaw Box?


Bandsaw boxes are kind of wooden boxes. They are made by using a band saw for cutting and shaping the wood. Usually different kinds of solid wood are used together to create an elegant form. Preferably dye and stain are not used to leave it as natural as possible. Shape of the boxes are limited by your imagination and ability of band saw cutting. Bandsaw boxes are perfect for jewelry storage. They can be used as Jewelry Armoire, Jewelry Holder, Wooden Jewelry Box, Keepsake Box, Trinket Box, Rustic Wood Box and Jewelry Dish. These boxes are really unique and handmade art crafts. If you plan to buy an original and stylish gift to your mother, wife or girlfriend, don’t miss these boxes.

The steps of making a bandsaw box
  1. Design the box. Draw a pattern or find a template that you may like. Decide what type of wood you will use.
  2. Prepare the blank wood block. Take the different wood pieces according to size of your box plan. Glue them together to form a block for cutting your box.
  3. Slice off the back side before cutting the inner part.
  4. Print or draw your template to a paper. Attach this paper to your wood block with a spray adhesive. Then cut the inner part carefully according to your pattern.
  5. If there are gaps that occur after the cutting. Try to close them if necessary.Glue the back side to the main block.
  6. Cut your drawers. Use the inner part for cutting your drawers.
  7. Cut the outer side according to your design.
  8. Sand your main body and drawers.
  9. Make the drawer pulls and glue them.
  10. Apply Your Finish.

Steps of making a bandsaw box above is written as a brief summary. Our aim is to help customers to imagine these beautiful boxes with their difficult production process. If you have a band saw and enough talent please look for more professional guidelines.

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