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As life presents us with more and more alternatives every day, living a simple life gets harder and harder. The opportunities technology gives us, combined with the social norms, cause us to feel the pressure to maintain a certain lifestyle and own certain living space.

Over the last few decades, living spaces, whether big or small, has become an important indicator of social status. This brought concepts such as home decoration styles and interior design into our lives. Although many interior design websites are popping up and showing all the amazing living spaces, most of the time they fail to mention the significant budget behind these homes. This significant budget discourages many working-class families from getting outside advice about interior design.

The time we spent to build and decorate our homes, the effort we put in to turn a space into our own will always be precious. Nevertheless, our inexperience can bring unpleasant results. Thus it is crucial to know how to use the limited sources we have in the best way possible.

There are, without doubt, professional techniques and measurements of interior design. If we want to create a definition that would apply to everyone in a society, we could say: “decoration is the placement of goods in a setting in a way that creates harmony.” Although the word decoration or design is usually connected to words like aesthetic and visual harmony, we also should not look over its utilitarian value as it is shaped around our needs. There are many aspects of design that should be prioritized. Before starting to create our very own living space we should answer questions such as: “How many people will be living here?”, “What kind of lifestyle will they be following?” “Which activities, other than eating and sleeping, are the most crucial and should be included in our living space?”. After the budget for the interior design is set, we should search for utilities and where we can buy them. Finally, after determining where those essential utilities will be placed, we can start dreaming and adding things of our own to make the place ours.

Sometimes adding new things throughout time to our living spaces produce the best results. For example, putting a souvenir that your friend brought from abroad would make the place feel much more homely and warm. Allowing our homes to developing as we grow old in it would be an ideal approach to interior design.

Living together, whether as a big family with kids or with different roommates, will create challenges as every individual has their own idea and approach to design. However, the best way to get over these obstacles is to create a multilayered living space where everyone has a contribution to the design as rejecting a part of your home would only result in more problems.

The key to a fulfilling home décor lies in the questions that we ask before getting started. If we can answer these questios such as “How many people will be living there?”, “What is our budget?” and utilise our space in the best way possible, we will get results better then the ones in magazines. Therefore rather than getting caught up in the newest trends for interior design, we should prioritize our needs and create a space compatible with both necessities and our personalities to create a space that makes us happy as well as comfortable.

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