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Naht Art

Naht Art

Art of Naht is to apply calligraphic scripts and decorative patterns on wood by means of carving, inlaying, and illumination techniques. It transforms scripts and patterns into 3d structures using a wood or textile backdrop.

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Name of Allah

The artist cut script of Allah name. Allah is the name of The God in Islam.

Rabbi Yassir

The artist cut the Arabic prayer "Rabbi Yassir wala tu-‘assir. Rabbi tammim bil khair" which means "O my Lord, make things easier for me, do not make things difficult for me. O My Lord, let my affairs end with goodness".


The artist cut the rosette called "Shamsa" which symbolizes the sun, using Rumi motifs.


The artist cut “Waw”, 27th letter of the Arabic alphabet. Mystically the "Waw" is called the letter of Love.